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April 2016 Archives

Safety regulator recognizes dangers relating to stone countertops

Quartz countertops can do a lot for the beauty of a kitchen, but they can also wreak havoc on the lungs of the workers who install them. These countertops pose a serious workplace hazard because they contain silica, a mineral linked to silicosis. Silicosis is potentially deadly lung disease.

How much do you know about the dangers of Xarelto? - III

Our blog has been taking an in-depth look at the prescription blood thinner Xarelto, which goes by the generic name rivaroxaban, over the last few weeks. Indeed, in our last post, we spent some time focusing on how this popular anticoagulant has been linked to a host of major side effects, including internal or external hemorrhaging.   

How much do you know about the dangers of Xarelto? - II

In our previous post, we began taking a closer look at Xarelto, one of the more popular blood thinners currently prescribed by medical professionals, which hit the U.S. market back in the summer of 2011 after receiving approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

How much do you know about the dangers of Xarelto?

Thanks to glossy magazine inserts and a steady stream of television commercials with a high production value, more Americans than ever are now familiar with the names of certain prescription drugs. Indeed, many people are now familiar with the drug Xarelto thanks to a recent TV spot featuring a famous comedian, a popular racecar driver, an NBA star and a legendary golfer.

Clinical trial shows marijuana-derived treatment reduces seizures

When a baby or child has a serious illness like epilepsy, parents may feel helpless because they cannot predict the timing of the next seizure. Infants and toddlers cannot stay in a safety bubble, so they frequently spend their waking hours wearing a helmet. A new prescription medication could provide help.