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September 2016 Archives

How to prevent a doctor from dismissing your concerns?

The U.S. health care system is not prepared to treat the more than 15 million Americans who are categorized obese by a body mass index of 40 or more. The attitudes of doctors, failure to invest in equipment and out-of-date practices often fail these patients.

HOT CARS Act: Could it end preventable injuries and deaths?

This month, a new safety bill was introduced in Congress that could extend vehicle safety systems beyond seat belts and backup cameras. The proposed law would require a reminder system that notifies a driver when a child is left in the backseat.

Morcellators and the Spread of Cancer: What You Should Know

Learning that you have a severe illness can turn your entire life upside down. Between the doctors' appointments, medications and anxiety of dealing with a potentially life-threatening health issue, there is a lot you will need to deal with. The last thing you need is for your health to get even worse thanks to a bad medical decision.

Trust in medical system undermined by big pharma behavior

Corporate profit has the potential to compromise the public welfare and reflect poorly on the integrity of our health care system. While it is hard to question medical professionals there must be a change of mindset to "buyer beware."