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December 2016 Archives

Hospital quality of care and outcomes are not all the same

How do you choose a hospital? And what happens when you have no choice as an ambulance races to get you to the closest facility in an emergency? Hospitals are not all created equal and the quality of care can differ significantly from facility to facility as well as from region to region.

Popular morning sickness drug Zofran linked to birth defects

Morning sickness in the first trimester of a pregnancy can become so bad that you look for any remedy that allows you to get through the day. As an embryo starts growing rapidly the release of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin is believed to be the main cause. Pregnant woman are often underrepresented in medical research, so it can be difficult to fully evaluate and appreciate the risks from prescription medication.

When a drug combination causes adverse effects

If a doctor was moving too fast and failed to consider the potential for adverse reactions when prescribing medications, a medical malpractice action might be a remedy. A New York Court of Appeals court recently looked at the standard for summary judgment when negligence is alleged in these types of cases.