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January 2017 Archives

How hospital conditions contribute to misdiagnosis

No one ever wants to go to a hospital. But car accidents, cancer and serious illnesses do not discriminate. At some point, almost everyone will wind up in the hospital - whether on their own behalf or that of a loved one. While many hospital waiting rooms have been upgraded to feel like hotels, it does not change how difficult it is to wait on a diagnosis.

Driver mode: Could blocking apps combat traffic fatalities?

Laws are one way to change behaviors. Along this line, New York has been proactive and banned all handheld phone use while behind the wheel. "Texting zones" have been designated along the New York State Thruways and state Highways. Improper cell use or texting is treated strictly and a ticket can add 5 points to your driving record.

Traffic fatalities tick up for first time in five decades

Deaths on our roadways had been going down for 50 years, but last year that changed. The reverse in course may be blamed in part on the growing number of distractions behind the wheel. Highway deaths increased 10.4 percent year over year from 2015 to 2016.

Ikea settles suits for dresser-tipping deaths of toddlers

People seeking reasonable prices on everyday furniture flock to discount retailers like Ikea. Most of us do not think twice about whether furnishings selected from the floor could be dangerous to anyone once assembled and put to use in our homes.