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February 2017 Archives

Where to inspect a stroller as you click in a car seat

Imagine a walk in the park with your baby or taking your baby out in a jog stroller for the first time on a unusually warm New York day. Now think about something that might not have crossed your mind, the click-and-go receiver that attaches a Britax car seat to the stroller. This part needs to function or it could put your little one in danger.

NYPD cracking down on speeding to curb accidents

The NYPD recently announced that they'll be cracking down on speeding drivers across the five boroughs. The anti-speeding initiative is part of Mayor Bill de Blasio's ongoing "Vision Zero" campaign designed to dramatically reduce the number of injury-causing and fatal auto, pedestrian and bicyclist accidents on the city's roadways. Since the program began three years ago, the NYC Department of Transportation reports that the number of traffic-related fatalities has dropped 20 percent. That being said, the City still has a ways to go toward its ideal goal of zero annual traffic deaths.

Claims of homeopathic and safe fall short for teething tabs

Infants go through many difficult phases during their first years – difficulty sleeping, fevers and eating challenges – many of which can be blamed on teething. And it is not just seeing the red, sore gums or the incessant drooling. Baby’s teeth are constantly moving even under the gums.

New Yorkers risk harm at dangerous railroad grade crossings

In New York, commuting by train is part of the fabric of everyday life. Many take it for granted that our transportation system has safely integrated train travel into our highway and road grid.