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March 2017 Archives

The link between textured breast implants and a rare cancer

Battling breast cancer takes an excruciating toll from loss of hair to coping with a lumpectomy or complete mastectomy. Last year, approximately 109,000 women across the country had reconstructive surgery at the end of their cancer treatment. Another 290,000 American women received implants for breast enlargements, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Assigning liability when vehicle autopilot programs fail

Autopilot mode is still limited to several Tesla and Mercedes models, but that could soon be changing. Many auto manufacturers are lining up to start selling driverless vehicles. Much debate has focused on who is liable when it’s not a texting human who causes a crash, but instead a software glitch.

The danger of capping medical malpractice damages

The bill introduced in the House of Representatives as HR 1215 is innocuously titled, "Protecting Access to Care Act." But the main purpose of the proposed law is to cap noneconomic damage awards at $250,000 if a medical provider is federally supported or the doctor accepts federal subsidies through Medicare and Medicaid.