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'Never events' happen, and patients pay the price

Going to the hospital can be a stressful, upsetting situation for any person who is sick or hurt. While there are hopes and expectations that everything will go well, there is no guarantee that a particular medication, operation or course of treatment will be successful and free from complications.

Successful limb reanimation brings hope for those with paralysis

Ohio doctors and scientists have collaborated in a promising human trial that used sophisticated technology to allow a man with paralysis to use his hand, according to a recent article in The New York Times. This research could potentially lead to more independence for those who have lost use of their limbs through brain or spine injury.


Bungee cords are inherently dangerous. They contain great amounts of stored energy, and when released can strike a person's eye at 200 mph. Bungee cords are a leading causes of eye injury. Bungee cords are often designed and built in an unsafe manner. The hooks either straighten out, come loose, detach from the cord, or the cord can break. Injuries to the eye include bleeding within the eye, lacerations to the eye, traumatic cataracts, and tearing or detachment of the retina from the back of the eye. Bungee cord accidents have resulted in loss of the eye itself and even death. 


Tina Nguyen was struck and killed last month by a plywood board that blew off a construction fence in Greenwich Village. This is a common occurrence that occurs on average at least once a month where a passerby is injured from a New York City construction site. According to the Buildings Department statistics, 2014 had the most construction accidents in at least seven years. This increase is largely because of economic growth which has lead to increasing construction and development. From 2008-2014 there have been 96 construction accidents involving pedestrians and other passersby resulting in 155 injuries. More than three-quarters of the accidents took place in Manhattan. These accidents include falling tools and materials, falling glass, and fences sheds and gates blowing or falling. These figures don't include the number of times objects fell and did not hit anyone. Three times in less than a year plexiglass fell from One57, a luxury 1,000 foot-tall hotel and tower under construction on West 57th Street, with no reported injuries.