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More helpful suggestions for fall prevention

Here at the New York City law firm of Weisfuse & Weisfuse, LLP, we often represent the injured victims of falls caused by the negligence or recklessness of others. We recently posted about the dangers of falls, especially as we age.

The New York Times recently published an important piece by Jane E. Brody in which she provided detailed suggestions for fall prevention. We all can benefit by reviewing these common-sense safety tips, especially seniors or anyone who is unsteady for medical reasons. Notably, these dangers are heightened now every time we step outside into the New York winter conditions that cause icy, slippery walks, driveways, streets and parking lots.

Baby carrying: Are sling-type carriers safe?

There are more slings, wraps and belted-type pack designs than ever for mothers who want carry their babies. They range from high-end packs that require waiting online and hundreds of dollars to a basic sling that incorporates a ring and a large swath of material.

A warning from the Consumer Product Safety Commission should give new parents pause before deciding on a carry solution. The federal agency recently approved new standards and labeling requirements after receiving almost 160 incident reports since 2003.

Medical device testing and the FDA 510(k) loophole

What ranks as the third leading cause of death in our country? It might come as a surprise, it is medical interventions – devices such as hip implants and defibrillators account for an increasing role in this statistic.

Even training and expertise in complex hip replacements, did not protect one orthopedic surgeon from a defective metal-on-metal hip. After five years and excruciating pain, a replacement surgery uncovered a hip joint that looked like a “crankcase full of dirty oil.” Metallosis not only affected local tissues and muscle, it had also damaged his heart and brain.

A VA hospital rating system and how it can fail patients

Rating systems can have unintended consequences as administrators look for ways to improve their numbers. The stories from one hospital illustrate what can go wrong.

Doctors and administrators at VA hospitals and clinics have clashed over recommended care. In one case, an 81-year old came to a VA hospital malnourished and dehydrated after falling and breaking several ribs. He waited for nine hours in an emergency room for a nurse to tell him that he was not sick enough to be admitted under administration restrictions. This was at a facility with empty beds where doctors recommended admitting him.

Learning how to fall can limit injury

Aging increases the risks of and from falling as our bones become more brittle and do not heal as effectively. A CDC report with annual numbers from 2014 illustrates the scale: 29 million Americans fell, which resulting in seven million injuries and more than 27,000 deaths.

When the dangerous or defective condition of a NYC sidewalk or premises contributes to a fall injury there are remedies available. However, proactive measure can reduce the risk of falling as well as the severity of an injury.

Asbestos found in children’s makeup

Because of asbestos contamination, Claire’s will recall a number of makeup product marketed to children including a bedazzled rainbow heart makeup set, pink glitter palette with eye shadow and lip gloss and metallic hot pink glitter makeup. Are any of these in your ‘tween or even younger daughter’s bedroom?

And this is not the only time that products manufactured in China with talc have been found to contain asbestos. In 2015, Environmental Working Group found asbestos fibers in several brands of crayons and crime scene investigation toys.

Toxic Shock Syndrome: A risk in the fine print on a tampon box

Most women recognize that Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is possible complication of tampon use. It is in the fine print on boxes of these feminine hygiene products from regular to super absorbent.

But do most young women know what TSS is and what it can do? The potentially fatal condition is caused by a staph or other bacterial infection. As the most absorbent part of a woman’s body, what is placed in the vagina can have serious consequences that few completely understand.

How to make sure your baby's first foods are safe

What is safe enough for baby? If you are a new parent, this question is probably something you consider frequently. A new report from an alliance of scientists points to risks associated with a narrow rice cereal diet.

Baby cereal and other on-the-go first baby foods like puffs often contain rice. Rice plants draw up inorganic arsenic from soil and water, brown rice absorbs even more. And newer research links arsenic exposure to cognitive and behavioral problems in young children.

Could Amber-Alert type system locate hit-and-run drivers?

It is possible. The city council is debating the details of how such a system might work. By bringing more individuals to justice, it could enforce the importance of staying at a scene and reduce the number of hit-and-run accidents across the city.

In fiscal 2016, the NYPD received reports of almost 45,000 hit-and-run accidents. Very few of the drivers in these crashes were ever identified or located. In that same period, there were only 510 related arrests.

The season for NYC sidewalk injuries: Who is responsible?

There is nothing quite like New York City during the holiday season. Tourists and residents alike enjoy strolling on thoroughfares past buildings transformed into decorated, festive cityscapes.

However, with seasonal festivities can come potential danger related to snow and ice on walkways. Slipping or tripping and falling on a sidewalk because of inadequate ice treatment or snow removal can cause severe injuries like facial abrasions and fractures, broken wrists and arms, brain injury or even worse.